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Repair Of Cracks and Chips in Countertops

Let’s start with the process of explaining the steps involving the repair of cracks and chips in your stone countertops. First of all, it is essential to know whether the crack is an actual crack or not. Cracks result from pressures from unmanaged handling or installation. They will most often appear around the areas of the sink where the countertop opens up. Once we identify the deapth of the crack we can apply techniques to remedy the issue. We have experience in this area if trade and are able to salvage even the most serious cracks that have occurred.

The real estate agent:

Often when rental bonds are being held, realestate agents can be quiet fussy and demand a repair of ware and tare and any damage to your stone bench top of your rental property. If this occurs, don’t panic, Chip Repairing are the perfect solution to cater for your needs. Dan from Bondi in Sydney had a bond of $4000 with his realestate agent and was at risk of losing his bond due to some damage that had occurred to his rental home bench top. – From as little as $300 we are able to swiftly come out and repair minor damage on the benchtop and Dan was able to claim back his bond. Why risk losing your hard earned bond over a simple fix. Talk to us for more information about pricing.

Marble Countertop Repair in Sydney

In the sections involving Countertop Stone Repair and Stone Benchtop Chip Repair in Sydney, you will find many stone tops, such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Essastone, Smartstone, Quantam Quartz, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Engineered kitchen Benchtop, and many more.

Marble Benchtop Repair

Let’s take a look at some kitchen bench top repairing processes

What About Cracks in non – stone benchtops?

Low viscosity epoxy works greatest, as it enters deep into the crack and shapes a bond. This also has the additional benefit of helping to put off the crack from increasing down the track. The repair is carried out as a once off repair and a polyester resin color matched to your benchtop can aid to make the countertop appear 90% new.

What are Other Things to Consider?

Prior to being treated, the surface of countertops needs to be honed, so that the surface uniformly absorbs the resin. The surface also needs to be utterly clean and dry, in order that the resin can deeply enter in the minute cracks of the surface.

These days, there are several different epoxy systems for stones, so the true system is always preferred with regard to the color of the stone and the preferred results to be achieved. After the countertop is fully cured, it takes almost 24 hours for polishing the countertop.

So whether in a home or a commercial building, quality countertops stand for are structural highlights. They impress with their great well-designed features; however, they’re also subject to deterioration, signifying that Marble Chip Repair or Stone Benchtop Chip Repair in Sydney may be required. Our Caesar Stone Chip Repair cost is affordable and within your budget. Our professional team will do repairs to the best standard, and we pride ourselves in delivering excellent and valuable work at very reasonable prices.

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